Electrolysis or ‘stray current’ caused this corrosion. Have a look at the ends of the tubes and see how they have been corroded away by stray electric current running through the radiator. This was a radiator from a BMW and was only 6 months old.

Radiator Caps

Also known as Pressure Caps, these small bits of the cooling system are often ignored for the entire life of the vehicle. They are an important part of the modern cooling system that is designed to run under much higher pressures that those of yesteryear. Unexplained water loss or temperature read more…


Some further literature on electrolysis (also known as ‘stray current’) Electrolysis in an automotive cooling system can be hazardous to the lifespan of metal and in particular aluminium. It is often left unnoticed until it is too late and leaks have already begun forming. Electrolysis is extremely corrosive and eats away read more…

Overheating Car

Car came in over heating. When we removed the radiator and pulled one of the tanks off, this is what we found. Only 4 tubes flowing in the entire radiator. No wonder it was over heating. A good clean out and it was good to go again. Another happy customer.

Chevy Apache Truck

Just finished a job on a 1959 Chevy Apache truck. Constructed a brand new custom built radiator and also had a new heater matrix made which we installed along with a new fan motor. Overall a very nice job. Here in Auto Radiators we offer you a comprehensive radiator repair read more…