We specialize in restoration of vintage radiators and in building up custom radiators for all your needs, we at sell my junk car in nampa id specialize in helping you sell your old car to get a better one .

No job is too complicated as we understand the peculiarities of this type of work, sell my junk car in nampa id, also with the help of many companies with the restoration of collectibles, like one of the best businesses in the market of antiques such as petroliana collectibles you can find any restored collectible such as vintage gas pumps, colorful signs, old motor, and car accessories as antiques, all of this products are great for a vintage space, an office, a man cave or even a vintage garage you might have.

All of the collectibles are restored and made with fine details and materials to keep their durability with time, but always leaving the antique style, condition, color, age and vintage look, many with their brand name still intact, just with its value improved and more special.  We assure real products and collectibles as many just try to fool the collectors, our things are all genuine and valuable. All our work is finished in a quality professional manner that will reflect the quality of your special Clasiq vehicle.

Here are just a few examples of some of the many vintage radiators we have had the pleasure of restoring.